Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Don't you just love it when you are trying to live ones life according to what's right and proper, and something comes along and upsets the applecart.
My daughters birthday June 19th. I was at work enjoying myself as usual, yep! I had stayed a little later than usual, and was on my way home as usual om my 50cc put-put scooter, I was almost at my front door when my text buzzer went off on my mobile phone, it said someone has hit the car whilst parked outside the house, grrrrr.
I arrived home not 40 seconds after this and my wife Tina came out and showed me the damage.
Not to worry the guy had stopped through my neighbours quick reactions, and left his supposed details, [bugger he had].
Tina had taken his number plate at least, and we are proceeding through the police at the moment, so if you read this young man, I am sure we get you in the end.
Why do people antagonize others, by not telling the truth. makes you want to hit some thing.